Saturday, December 08, 2007

Clarence Valley Protest, North Coast Voices, and the election results

I think that Judith Melville (A Clarence Valley Protest) is entitled to a degree of satisfaction from the Federal election results, as is the Labor team from North Coast Voices.

Dealing with Judith first, the ALP has promised not to dam the Clarence, so now with three North Coast ALP members the river appears safe. A warning to Judith, though, from a seasoned campaigner.

This issue won't go away. New England remains the wettest part of NSW. If the climate change projections are even in part right, expect further water fights within the next ten years, possibly within five or less years.

North Coast Voices campaigned hard for the ALP. Here I have been impressed by the way since the election that the blog has been prepared to take a critical view of specific actions of the new Government.

I have written a lot on New England problems. Many parts of coastal New England are caught in a poverty trap. I look forward to NCV campaigning on their behalf.


clarencegirl said...

Thankyou for the kind rap which you gave to North Coast Voices.
This blog does intend to keep campaigning with regard to NSW North Coast issues and interests.
As for the fight to save the Clarence River - everyone in the Clarence Valley and on the North Coast generallly is aware that other attempts to dam and divert NSW coastal rivers are not only possible but also likely.
Alert but not alarmed has been the local watchword for the past two generations.
Have a happy and safe festive season.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Clarencegirl and thanks. I look forward to continuing dialogue between our sites. I hope that the whole NCV team (and Judith) have a very happy Christmas and new year.