Saturday, November 17, 2007

New England Australia - writers

I was trawling away looking for New England blogs when I came across Loonie Bin, a student blog from the University of New England. The writer is heavily into games, but I was struck by one quote:

Might I just add, and I may have mentioned this before: Sharkey is a MACHINE. I handed that assignment in on friday. Friday! And I swear he'd had it marked before today, he probably marked all the assignments over the weekend and had them ready for collection on Monday. It's insane, he puts all other lecturers to shame!

Now the Sharkey in question is one Michael, a very hard working staff member at the University of New England. He is also one of New England's better known poets.

I mention this because I knew that had written on him before, but had to search to find the story. I have therefore updated the New England writers tag to pick up posts that I had missed.

The various posts give some still limited indication of the richness of New England writing.

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