Friday, May 11, 2007

New England Beer - Grafton

Photo: Grafton Brewery

Each Australian state has its own beer or beers. Grafton was the closest thing that New England had to a local beer.

The Grafton Brewing Company was founded as an unlisted public company to provide a New England beer. My grandfather was a small shareholder.

When I first started drinking beer I started with Grafton bitter. Grafton was an acquired taste. Even today I find most beers too sweet on the palate.

The company was never very profitable. It was hard to break in when so many of the pubs were owned by the Sydney breweries. Finally, Tooheys took Grafton over, hence the Tooheys on the sign in this photo.

Initially Tooheys maintained the brew. Then in the way of the world they did away with it in favour of their own brand and mix.

Sadly, it happened while I was away from New England. One day there was Grafton. Then when I came back next it had gone. I never had a chance to drink a final drop in farewell.


Bruce said...

My father - who lived in the Camden Haven district for 50 years - was also a shareholder in Grafton back in the 1950s/1960s. His shares continued when Toohey's bought the company.

I have a set of original Grafton beer glasses (Schooners) that my father owned. They have the company name and logo engraved on them.

Jim Belshaw said...

Good morning, Bruce. How fascinating. Quite a collector's piece now.