Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Honest History: Frank Bongiorno reviews Ian Johnstone's Armidale and the Great War

On Honest History, Frank Bongiorno's Armidale and the Great War (review of Johnstone) reviews Ian Johnstone's new book Armidale and the Great War.

It is a very good review, an education in itself, using the book to illustrate some of the many textures of that conflict seen through the lens of a local community.

A lawyer by profession, Ian has a long track record in documenting local history.

I am looking forward to reading the book. However, I do not know how to obtain a copy other than by emailing Ian. I do know the book sells for $65 plus $15 postage.

I will find out and post details here so that those interested can order.


Unknown said...

Hi Jim,
Readers Companion in Armidale has copies as does NERAM.

The book, and Ian's efforts are well deserving of Frank's wonderful review.

Bob Clarke

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Bob and thanks. I will add those details. I checked their web sites. Both have on-line purchasing capacity, but this seems limited which makes it more difficult for those out of town to order. Readers Companion does, however, provide shipping details, costs plus refund policy. NERAM's focus is more on painting sales. Still, if I provide contact details people can follow up.