Thursday, June 18, 2015

Resenting Tasmania's Dark Mofo

I really resent Tasmania's Dark Mofo. It's getting extensive news coverage.

Because we don't exist, there is no equivalent in New England. Some of our Festivals such as Byron Bay have achieved national coverage, but we have no specifically New England festivals or celebrations. We have no platform.

Tasmania may be smaller than New England on every measure, but it has a defined entity. That gives it a base. Each area in New England has to struggle at a local level to gain recognition. Some do manage it, but it's an unbalanced competition.

Often I meet people who deny our fight for self-government. I can understand that. But they do more. They either deny our independent history and culture or downgrade its importance. Then I get upset, for they deny the validity and distinctiveness of my own life experience. I resent that.       .


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