Sunday, October 28, 2012

More from our Armidale correspondent

Fires, smoke and drought in Armidale - our Armidale correspondent reports centred, as the title says, on a report by our Armidale correspondent. Now Gordon has sent me this photo.  It shows just how dry the country is. Rain followed by dry builds the fuel for later fires.

Gordon Smith drought 

Gordon also  answered a question that had interested me. How much did the 12,000 litres of water cost that he & Bron had had delivered for domestic use? $120, That's not too bad. In his update, our Armidale correspondent also noted that the fires in had no burnt out 105,000 acres.


Rod said...

Hi Jim,

This time of year it usually gets dry before the summer rains come. But it still seems a little dryer than usual this time.

Where I work we sell potable water to carters at less than $4 per 1,000L. But the carters seem to sell at about $30-60 per 1,000L. I guess it is still much cheaper than bottles! We've also had lots of inquiries from new water carter companies getting set up in the last month. A boom business when the rain is bust!

Jim Belshaw said...

Fascinating, Rod. The things I learn!