Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Return to Gunnedah 2 - wine, women & local politics

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I finishe Return to Gunnedah 1 - Introduction with this remark: Gunnedah has become a fascinating melange of past and present. Since then, I have written two posts on my personal blog connected to  Gunnedah.

Saturday Morning Musings - Coal, Gunnedah & that boom is pretty much as the title says. Cultural change in Australia - a dearth of bookshops, Gunnedah & the rise of the olive uses Gunnedah in part to explore aspects of change.

This wine list shows an aspect of change in Gunnedah. The most expensive wine is $110!

Since I wrote the first post, I must have met or re-met a dozen people, mainly women, from Gunnedah. Gunnedah's spread is quite remarkable. 

I also received a tweet from Adam Marshall (@A_J_Marshall), then retiring Mayor of Gunnedah, suggesting coffee. Now I'm just not sure when I will be back in Gunnedah (maybe two months?), so we left it on that basis. Then I learned something new.

Mentioning the tweet at the TAS reunion (Old boys, young boys & a bright, sunny day - TAS OBU weekend September 2012), the wife of one of my class mates said "Adam has stood down, he is going to Armidale to study. Then she added "Young Adam", her words, "has done a pretty good job." Apparently Adam was elected to Council at twenty two, became Deputy Mayor a few years later and then Mayor. There were doubts because of his age, but he proved his doubters wrong. So congratulations Adam!

Now that Adam is in Armidale as well as Gunnedah, we have two choices for coffee.

I have one more post to go to complete the Gunnedah series.

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