Sunday, March 20, 2011

The story of New England life

This post mixes together apparently disconnected things.

My favourite inland New England photo blog is Gordon Smith's lookANDsee.Gordon normally focuses on the Tablelands. Just at the moment he is running some Tamworth shots. This shot shows Peel Street on a Saturday morning.    Gordon Smith Peel Street Saturday Morning 

Down on the coast and in the Hunter I have several favourites. One is Mark's Clarence Valley Today. This focuses on life and landscape on our big river, the Clarence. This photo features a scene from a church fete. Mark Bellamy Church fete

Beyond the photos, there are films, painting and writing.

With film, The Last Picture Show Man is actually based on a Liverpool Plains story and was filmed there and on the Clarence. With paintings, Colours of New England - orange gold contrasted a painting and photo, while my earlier post, The colours of New England, attempted to combine painting, poetry, photos and words. 

When I first began blogging, I knew of very few New England blogs. That's no longer true. There are a number of us now, and we all post on different things.

 I am wondering about the possibility of encouraging more cross-posting or common posting on a thematic basis. I am not proposing anything too rigid, precise or formalised. We all all busy. I just wondered what might happen if we wrote or posted on a common topic from our very different perspectives?

My feeling is that, together, we might give a clearer perspective to our readers on the texture of life in Northern New South Wales, the broader New England. I also think that it might add to reader interest.

What do you think?     

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