Friday, December 03, 2010

Blog Performance November 2010

Stats November 10 2 The graphic shows blog traffic over the year ending November 2010. Yellow visits, yellow plus red page views.

The decline in traffic after the big spike in August did stop in November. That was a relief.

December traffic is always down, so it will be interesting to compare this year against twelve months before.  

The ten most popular posts over November were:

Interesting that the Wednesday Forums are scoring in the top group. These are always a bit of a hit and miss affair in terms of responses.

Excluding search engine traffic, the most referrals came from:

I was a bit surprised this time at the absence of Twitter feeds.

The most popular key words were:

  • old trams newcastle 10
  • mckechnie 3
  • photos historic inverell 3
  • south of my days analysis 3
  • south of my days judith wright 3
  • why should new england become its own state of australia 3
  • aboriginal map queensland 2
  • bora ring by judith wright 2
  • charles howard hinton 2
  • counting in sevens poem judith wright 2

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