Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Santorini sunset

Still mulling over my current thoughts on the lessons from Greece for New England tourism.

No one can doubt the beauty of some of the Greek islands. Yet, somehow, they have transformed a physical attribute into an experience that transcends the physical, something that I dealt with in Greek lessons for New England tourism - the importance of expeP1010391riences.

This is a Santorini sunset. Pretty, isn't it?     

Of course, the water and the islands provide something special, yet I have seen many better sunsets in New England.

We recognise some of these things, but we fail to capture and express them in ways that will persuade visitors to come.

To my mind, the problem lies primarily in a failure of imagination on our part. We are just too pragmatic.  


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Belushi

Being of greek extract I cannot dis agree with you more have you ever been to greece apart from once? the sunstes are world beating sure england is nice enough but the skies are general grey.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Perry. I would have to say that Greece beats England hangs down for sunsets. New England (the north-east corner of NSW) is different. Clear skys, vast horizons. Still, the message in my post is to New England people ans what they might do. I am not intending to disparage Greece.