Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An earlier New England New State Movement flier

This is a sheet from an earlier New England New State MovementNew-State-_00002 pamphlet.

The arguments really haven't changed. All that has happened is that the need has increased.

When this sheet was prepared, New England was still bigger than WA. Since then, we have just gone backwards.

At the time of the 1967 referendum, those opposed argued that continued membership of NSW would solve our problems.

If only that had proved to be true. It has not.

You see, even if self-government had not given the benefits we hoped, we would at least have been part responsible for our own destiny.

It is hard for those of us who fought then, and have seen the decline since, to accept the simple re-cycling of the type of anti-argument we saw then and again see today.

The anti case has simply failed. Time to let the pro case have a go.


joven said...

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Greg said...

Jim, the thing that immediately strikes me is that the reasons for a new state are largely the same now as they were then. Forty three years on from 1967 and nothing really has changed.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Greg. At least now we know that the arguments used against have been invalidated by time. The slogan that comes to mind: "NSW has failed. Let the North have a go".

Mark said...

I've seen pictures of that flyer before Jim but the one above is of better clarity. In fact, if you look closer, you can see tabs at the bottom with more subject headings. It appears to be a stack of flyers each with its own subject. I might do a bit of digging.....

Thanks for sharing it.

Greg said...

Jim, I like that slogan. It goes to the very heart of why a new state.

I also like the concept of having "our own cheque book". Many people are resistant and resentful about the concept of government. Hence the oft repeated "abolish the states" line from the less well informed. The role of government and the states is something that many simply don't understand. Yet everyone is familiar and comfortable with the concept of having their own bank account and cheque book. It is just home finance on a bigger scale.

These are powerful but simple concepts to grasp. They are self evident and don't need any complex argument. They are a nice "hook" don't you think?

Jim Belshaw said...

Yes, Greg, I do. At one level, we have to keep things very simple, even if we do have more complex arguments in back up. It's all about the chance for us to take control of our own destiny.

Greg said...

Jim, maybe that pamphlet could be reproduced with the message ... NSW has had 43 years to convince us why the North does not need it's own cheque book. It has failed. Let the North have a go.

It might make a nice link between the history and the future don't you think?

Jim Belshaw said...

Agreed, Greg. I am having a bit of a break from new state stuff today, but will follow up tomorrow.