Friday, October 02, 2009

The role of the New England Press - and the need for change

Those who read this blog will know that I publish a weekly column in the Armidale Express, Belshaw's World. As part of this, I had a bit of a go at one point to Christian, the editor, about the the disappearance of the editorial from the paper.

Growing up, the Express editorials used to infuriate me because of what I saw as their bias. However, the paper always distinguished between the editorial, the official opinion, and the reporting. Further, the editorial was used for campaigning and commentary - the opinion.

I never expected to miss those editorials. Yet I came too. Their passing represented the shift of the paper from paper to commercial product.

Lindsay Foyle had a rather good post in the New Matilda about the decline especially of the print media. My view is that the papers (and TV) have lost their way. The media forms as well as informing their audience.

I spend a fair bit of time searching the on-line editions of the New England media. I don't think that they do a very good job.   

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