Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to visitor 25,000 - and the colours of New England

Well, this blog has finally clicked over 25,000 visitors. I have two counters on this blog, but the second higher one includes my own visits. Visitor 25,000 came from the US via a link on from 18th Century Historical Trekking,1680-1760 (Australia). One thing that is nice is that I now have a small number of regular visitors. Not a lot, but at least some people come back.

Yesterday having finished Harry Pidgeon's Naturally Touched Cooks Hill Gallery, I found myself on the bus jotting down notes on the colours of New England. Within limits of space and especially time, I am constantly looking for new ways to bring New England alive, especially for those who do not know the place.

Did you know that the colour gradients in New England run west-east? Or, if you prefer, east-west.     I have to think about the best way of presenting this. In the meantime, another painting from Harry Pidgeon's current exhibition at the Cooks Hill Gallery. Called simply edge of town, this painting would be instantly recognisable to most Australian. But it is only one scene from New England's variety.

Harry Pidgeon edgeoftown

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