Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Clarence River - a few notes

Photo: Clarence River, Grafton

The web frustrates me some times. I am used to getting information from the web, but often there are gaps.

The Clarence River is one such gap. This is a big river, yet I cannot find a proper description. So I thought that I should record a few basic facts.

The facts that follow are taken from various sources. I have not attempted to link all sources.

Key facts:

  1. The largest coastal river catchment in NSW at 22,700 square kilometres in the New England ranges extending into southern Queensland.
  2. Largest of all NSW coastal rivers - flows up to 16,800 m3/s have been recorded at Grafton while the average annual discharge is approximately 3.7 x 106 ML/yr.
  3. Length around 394k (394 miles).
  4. Road distance from river mouth to Grafton 62k.
  5. Main tributaries Mann River, Nymboida River, and Orara River.
  6. More than 100 islands form part of the Clarence River system.
  7. The limit of tidal influence is Smiths Falls near Copmanhurst, about 105 km from the ocean.

Key references


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