Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why I remain a New England New Stater 5 - the case of Tasmania

Note to readers: This post is one in a series using personal examples to illustrate why I continue to support both agitation for New England self-government and self-government itself. Agitation, because its very existence forces forces the Sydney Government to consider New England interests. Self-government, because there are some things that we cannot achieve without this.

As I write the Federal election is raging. As always, Tasmania is receiving a fair bit of attention. And cash. Senator Harradine showed what could be done to extract benefits for a state from a position of power

New England is far bigger than Tasmania, yet receives almost no attention. Not for us the Harradine largess .

This is a very clear case where statehood would improve our position through increased bargaining power.

Now one could argue - I have often heard this argument - that Tasmania should not receive these benefits. That is small consolation to those concerned with New England and its neglect.

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