Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Armidale School (TAS) - collected posts

Photo: Main School Building, 1905

I have written a fair number of posts on several blogs referring in some way to TAS, The Armidale School. I know from searches that there is a fair bit of interest in the school. I thought that it might therefore be sensible to create a special post providing an entry point to some of the main posts.

This post is very much a work in progress since I have to go back through past posts, a process that will take me some time. I also have to work out the best way of ordering material to make it accessible. This will take a bit of experimentation.

In many cases the stories themselves are on other topics, but include references to TAS and its people. So you may need to scan to find the reference. In most cases, the references are personal.

From the Photo Archive - School and some other

Old Boys - General

Old Boys - Specific

Barrett, Paul, (public servant, consultant), Belshaw, David (engineer), Busby, Rob (TAS OBU Sydney) (and here), Buzo, Alex (writer) (here, here, here, here), Cousins, Peter (G&S star, singer, founder Kookaburra National Music Theatre Company, Harrison, Brian (historian, priest), Kitley, Philip (academic), Kemp, Peter (G&S star, lawyer), Page, Geoff (poet), Taylor, Sir P G (aviator)

School life

Cadets - I did not like!, Sport - Rugby, TAS Seconds, - 1962, against Shore 2007, National Primary Rugby Carnival 2007, International students at TAS 2007,


Brownie, Peter and here, here (geography, economics), Crossle, RWL (George) and here (history, English), Fisher, Gordon (GAF), head, Hughes, Davis (Bill) (science, later Country Party parliamentarian and minister), Mattingley, Brian (Joe), here

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