Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Returns to Tamworth from Country Music

Photo: Golden Guitar, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Back in January I carried a short introductory story on the history of country music in Tamworth. My thanks now to Noric Dilanchian for pointing me to a story in the Country Music Bulletin on the return to Tamworth from country music.

January's Tamworth country music festival brought more than $113 million to the local economy.

The figure is from Rebel Thomson, GM of Tourism Tamworth, as part of preliminary results from a visitor survey conducted in conjunction with Festival sponsor Telstra for the second year.

"The objectives of the 2007 survey were to validate the results of the 2006 data and further understand the tourism trends of festival-goers," Rebel told the CMB.

The survey collected data on demographics, spending and travel trends and concluded that visitors enjoy a high level of satisfaction, a high percentage stay in the city for seven days or more, expenditure is very high and visitation to nearby towns is very high.

In other statistics, it was revealed that the festival drew 75,000 visitors, more than 31,000 went through the visitor information centre during the festival, 40 percent came from NSW outside Sydney while 14 percent were from Sydney; 23 percent were from Queensland and 13 percent were from Victoria.

Thirty three percent of respondents were visiting the festival for the first time; of the 67 percent who had been before, 22 percent had been seven times or more and a large portion of these said the event had grown or improved since they last attended.

Eighty six percent said they had "a fantastic" or "average" time, 59 percent were couples, 24 percent travelled with friends 14 percent travelled as a family, 11 percent were singles.

Visitors spent, on average, $1,500 while in Tamworth for the festival... $387 on accommodation, $247 on meals, $246 on travel/petrol, $211 on shopping and retail, $189 on tickets, $138 on alcohol, $95 on souvenirs.

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