Monday, September 24, 2012

Bike riders on a mountain road

Sunday 16 September 2012. Nowendoc-Gloucester Road.

On my way back from Sydney, I stopped at the lookout at the start of the run down into the Upper Hastings Valley below. There are some rather good views.P1000858

Now I had noticed before that the mountain road down to the coastal strip had constant motor bike signs. I also noticed the road bikes themselves. Sometimes, they outnumbered the cars and trucks.

At the lookout, every notice on the notice board was bike related. This is an example of one sign.  P1000865

After driving down the mountain, I stopped at Barrington for a coffee. I always stop here when travelling alone. There I found another set of bikes.P1000868

You see dirt bikes all the time on this road. Sometimes driven, sometimes on the back of cars or on trailers, they are heading for the excitement of wild country driving in the New England escarpments to the west.

Sitting listening to the conversation at this cafe among a group of dirt or mountain bike riders, I wondered how they get on with the road bike riders. They are two very different worlds.

I would like to have stayed and introduced myself, but time was pressing. Grabbing the remnants of my chips, I drove on.      

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